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702 Lynx Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

To Learn  -  To Serve  -  To Advance


We are back in-person! We can't wait to see you all on Monday evenings!

For more information on meets, please see our weekly emails.

​​702 Lynx Squadron meets Monday Nights at the HMCS Unicorn located in the heart of downtown Saskatoon, at 405 24th St E. Doors open at 1805 (6:05 p.m.), on Mondays and our parade night goes until 21:15 p.m. (9:15 p.m.).

Come and join us!

If you are interested in joining please send us an e-mail at 702lynxrcacs@gmail.com, and feel free to check out our 'Future Cadets' pages for details and information.


Our Mission, Vision and Goals

Our mission is to deliver high quality cadet training that is fun, engaging, inclusive, safe and educational.

Our vision as a squadron is to focus on communication, forward thinking, and the consistent betterment of squadron practices.  A consistent focus for the squadron is developing a culture of self-improvement, education, and professional development for all involved.

Our goals: 
-To be a model of high quality instruction 
-To provide consistent development of alternative methods of instruction
-To be innovative with technology, and new ideas
-To effectively deliver the training program
-To develop leadership qualities
-To inspire senior cadets to take a larger role in squadron planning
-To effectively plan and prepare for all activities
-To learn and to observe the leadership methods of others
-To be responsive to cadets
-To provide activities which are engaging to cadets
-To develop training which is relevant to cadets
-To listen, and adapt by cadets needs