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About 702 Lynx Squadron


Founded in 1960, 702 Lynx Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron has been inspiring and teaching the next generation of  pilots, air traffic controllers, mechanics, engineers and leaders for over 60 years.

Meet Our Squadron Staff!

The many staff and officers of 702 Lynx Squadron work tirelessly to plan and run our many squadron activities. They spend countless hours in order to ensure the smooth running of our squadron.

Ivy Armstrong (2).JPG

Commanding Officer

Capt Armstrong


Training Officer

Capt Hodges


Administration Officer

2Lt B. Hanson


General Duties NCM

Cpl Burkert

Kris Hanson (2).JPG

Assistant Training Officer

2Lt K. Hanson

Aaron Vopni (2).JPG

Deputy Commanding Officer

Capt Vopni

Katie Walls (1).JPG

Supply Officer

Capt Walls


General Duties NCM

Cpl Dion


Assistant Training Officer (starting  2023)

Lt Tung

Pearl Barnes (2).JPG

Assistant Training Officer 

CI Barnes

Senior Cadets


Senior-level cadets are also an important part of our squadron. These cadets teach lessons and help to lead the various activities our squadron has to offer. 


My six year involvement with 702 Lynx Squadron granted me many unique opportunities; from attending private Snowbirds airshows to travelling Canada on numerous summer courses. In cadets, my focus was on aviation, and the program allowed me to pursue these interests in a tactile setting by attending the glider and power pilot courses. The foundation of knowledge from the program has served me well in my pursuit of aeronautical engineering. Through cadets, I have gained many friendships with like minded aviation enthusiasts. Cadets is an opportunity I would recommend to all!

- Jai Willems, former WO1 (2013-2019)

(Former) Warrant Officer First Class Willems attended 702 Lynx Squadron from 2013 to 2019. Over his cadet career, Willems was able to earn his glider pilot's and power pilot's license. He now studies engineering at the University of Toronto.


Over my 5 years in the Air Cadet Program, I learned and developed countless skills I still use today. Although much of my cadet career was affected by the pandemic, I was still able to participate in many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and build long-lasting relationships.


The Air Cadet Program has helped unlock several neat opportunities, too, like working to support Air Cadets at all levels, teaching STEM to youth in remote northern communities, and promoting Air Cadets in front of thousands of people at the Canadian International Airshow. All of this has helped me on my journey to pursuing a career in aviation and aerospace!

-Kai Chen, former WO1 (2022)

(Former) Warrant Officer First Class Chen was an Air Cadet at 702 Lynx Squadron from 2017 to 2022. He is now studying engineering as a Schulich Leader Scholar at the University of Toronto.

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