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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does it cost to join cadets?

Nothing! Joining cadets is entirely free for all youth! Uniforms are provided free of charge, and funding for activities such as familiarization flying is provided by the 702 Lynx Sponsoring Committee and various fundraising events held throughout the year, such as tag days, raffles and more, so it is important to help out with the fundraisers, so we can continue to have fun activities!

Are cadets part of the Canadian Armed Forces?

Cadets are not members of the Canadian Armed Forces, nor are they expected to join the military. While they are introduced to Sea, Army and/or Air activities of the Canadian Armed Forces and certain traditions, they are also introduced to many other respectable career choices that are available to them. (

Why should my child(ren) join cadets?

Being in cadets can help youth to develop leadership and teamwork skills to become the future leaders. Being an air cadet can also jumpstart a child's career in aviation through our glider and power pilot's scholarship programs, which allow a handful of cadets to get their pilot's licenses for free!

What if I'm older than 12? Can I still join cadets?

Absolutely! We welcome all youth from ages 12-18! For cadets over the age of 12, please refer to our Late Joiners Policy.

Can parents join or help out with the squadron?

​Absolutely! Parents can join the squadron as civilian volunteers or by becoming a Civilian Instructor Cadre Officer (CIC Officer). Parents are encouraged to join the Parent Committee to help organize activities, fundraisers and more! Contact us for more information how to join!

How many hours does cadets take per week?

Our regular cadet nights are approximately three hours (6:15pm-9:15pm). However, it may vary between cadets. For example, senior cadets may have to spend more time planning activities and lessons for junior cadets. Signing up for our extra programs/activities may also take up more time.

What summer training are offered through cadets? How much do they cost?

The air cadet program offers various summer training programs all across Canada. Click here for a full list of camps offered. All summer training opportunities include transportation, meals, housing, and activities.

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