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Optional Training Opportunities


702 Lynx Squadron provides youth unique experiences not found elsewhere. In addition to mandatory activities like our biannual Field Training Exercises and other excursions, 702 Lynx offers a variety of optional activities like annual familiarization flights on both gliders and power aircraft, marksmanship training, biathlon, curling, band, drill team and more help enrich a cadet's experience and knowledge and are available to cadets, free of charge.


Members of 702 Lynx's band participate as a marching band on the squadron's parade, but also in Music Concentration, and Music Level Testing to enhance the learning experience.

The 702 Lynx Squadron band is led by qualified staff to assist the cadets in their musical development. Squadron staff have university education in music such as Captain Ivy Armstrong has a Bachelor of Music in Music Education, and Captain Aaron Vopni has completed four years of study in a B.Mus. Performance Degree program.   In addition, both Capt Aaron Vopni  and Capt Ivy Armstrong have played with the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra, Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, University of Saskatchewan Wind Ensemble, and Collegium Musicum Saskatchewanese. 


Cadets can also try out for the squadron's curling team in early October. Five successful cadets will train all winter for the regional bonspiel in early February.   

If successful, curlers compete in Provincial Competition. 

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Ed Award believes that not all learning happens in the classroom and our aim is to help equip young Canadians aged 14-24 for success in life. By recognizing all of the amazing things young people can do and learn outside the boundaries of formal education, the Award empowers them to discover hidden talents, develop untapped leadership potential, make a difference in their community and explore the wonders of the great outdoors. 

The personal journey to earn the Award requires young people to look beyond their comfort zone and tap in to their sense of discovery. Participants set and achieve personal goals in activities they want to experience and develop, making each Award a unique journey. Simply put, they design a blueprint to transform their lives and we support them each step of the way. 

All participants must pay the registration fee for the Duke of Edinburgh award.

*Familiarization Flying

One of the most popular activities in the cadet program is familiarization flying. This annual activity is funded by the 702 Lynx Squadron Sponsoring Committee, and is free of charge for all cadets. Cadets who sign up for our yearly familiarization flights have the opportunity to experience the thrill of flight in both glider and power aircraft. 

^Ground School

If you want to a be a pilot or apply for our Glider or Power Pilot scholarships, ground school is the place to start! Each year, cadets can sign up for this course which teaches cadets the basics of aviation and flight training which can give you a jumpstart on your piloting career!


702 Lynx Squadron has a history of strong performances at biathlon competitions locally, regionally, and nationally.  Cadets participate in air rifle and .22cal rifle shooting practice as well as skiing and cross-country running.  Cadets are also encouraged to participate in local biathlon training clubs outside of what is provided at the squadron. 
The initial zone competition involves running and shooting air rifles. At the provincial competition as well as national competition (when offered), the cadets shoot .22 rifles and ski. 

*Drill Team

The 702 Lynx Squadron is very proud of our drill team!   Drill team is a chance for the cadets to work as together as a team while participating in precision drill (marching).  The drill team participates in a provincial competition every spring, and for the past few years has been the only team to do a precision drill routine in addition to the mandatory routine. The team has been very successful in recent years; winning various regional and provincial competitions.

^Effective Speaking

Effective speaking give you the opportunity to work on your public speaking skills. This national competition is sponsored by the Air Cadet League of Canada and is open to all cadets. Various subjects are available for cadets to write about and present. Cadets who are successful in the squadron-wide competition are invited to participate in provincial and national competitions.​

​Flag Party

The Squadron has a flag party as a part of weekly parade nights. The Flag Party Commander is selected by staff at the squadron. Any cadets who would like to try out to be a part of the flag party should watch announcements for try outs.  There many be several opportunities throughout the year to try out.

Even if cadets do not make the team, there are always more opportunities to participate in other flag parties. 702 Lynx's cadets also form flag parties for events such as Blades Games, and other events in Saskatoon. Our cadets have provided flag party's for League Meetings, Football games, and the Brier.   A call out for volunteers for these events will be made as these opportunities become available.


All cadets must participate in Air Rifle Marksmanship within the mandatory cadet program. In addition, cadets who are interested can continue to develop their marksmanship skills via the marksmanship team. There will be opportunities for cadets to practice their skills and potentially achieve badges for their uniforms or to be a part of the regional air rifle marksmanship team. Before using our .22cal Daisy Air Rifles, each cadet is briefed to ensure all cadets have a fun and safe marksmanship experience.

What We've Done

*Escape Rooms

Teamwork is an important aspect of the cadet program, and escape rooms are great ways to build on and use this skill. Interested cadets had the opportunity to have a little bit of fun with their fellow cadets in escape rooms!

*Scuba Diving

Cadets had the opportunity to dive into scuba diving! Interested cadets were given lessons, and had lots of fun! Scuba is a great activity for all cadets to experience!

*Combat Robotics

With the help of our volunteers, 702 Lynx has had a very successful combat robot team. Interested cadets had the chance to design, program and assemble their own robots, then test them out in combat! 

* Temporarily Suspended Due to COVID-19

^ Moved to Virtual Due to COVID-19

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