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Summer Training and Selection Board Information

Summer Training Options


For a full list of summer training opportunities, click here.

Summer training applications are given out before February to all cadets. Each cadet will be briefed on options and joining requirements. Acceptance forms and information will be given out if a cadet is accepted into a camp. If you require extra information about camps, find joining instructions for your respective camp.

For joining instructions, please visit Sign up for an account or log in. Then go to Northwest Cadets, then CTC Joining Instructions. Once you have done this, select the joining instructions you require.

Selection Boards

Selection Board Information needs to be studied in order to prepare for the mock boards, and then the selection boards.

Selection Board Interviews are done as part of the application process to National Cadet Camps (Glider Pilot License, Power Pilot License, Advanced Aviation Technology (Airport Operations/Aircraft Maintenance), International Air Cadet Exchange, etc.

For general information about selection boards, click the links below:

2018 Selection Board Handout

​How to Answer Selection Board Questions

Preparation Questions For Selection Boards

Tips For Selection Boards

For course-specific information about selection boards, click the links below:

Glider Pilot License

Power Pilot License

​Advanced Aerospace

Airport Operations

Aircraft Maintenance

International Air Cadet Exchange

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