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Need Support?

We're here for you.


We are here to help you! Please see a senior cadet, or officer if you are in a situation and require support.

Our Squadron Unit Cadet Conflict Management Advisor (UCCMA) is Captain I. Armstrong who is here to assist you in any conflict, harassment or abuse situation.

In addition, MEMBERS' ASSISTANCE PLAN - For any cadets that may seek counseling services for any reason, support is available through Members' Assistance Plan at This is a free and confidential service, you may contact them directly without dealing with any squadron staff.

IMPORTANT LIABILITY ISSUE - Do not drop-off your cadet for any activity until an officer is on-site to supervise. Cadets shall not be dropped off before 1800 hrs. on Monday nights. Please make sure you pick up your cadet on time at the end of activities. This means being at the pick-up location at the time specified in the instructions, NOT waiting until your cadet calls you for a ride on arrival. Our staff volunteer their time for all activities besides Monday nights. Please respect their time by being on time. Consistent issues of cadets being picked up late from events may lead to that cadet not being permitted to attend optional activities.

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